In the late 60's after going through a bitter and cynical "anti" organized religion period--for I had seen far too many examples of religious organizations causing discord--I took a Comparative Religion course at the University of Illinois. While the professor mocked organized religion relentlessly, what I discovered surprised me.

  I found similar patterns in each of them and found that the same essential Truths were taught in all the world's true religions. That led me to search to see if there really was a religion that put all this together and made sense. I stumbled upon it a few blocks away from my apartment and Life has never been the same since--thankfully.


John A . Nesbit


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"The religion of God and the creed of God hath been revealed and made manifest from the heaven of the will of the king of pre-existence for the sake of union and harmony among the people of the world; make it not a means for disagreement and discord!"



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